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Monday, November 23, 2015

Woman Lives in Sandy Hill for Month, for Charity

Rowdy students roaming the streets, shady characters lurking in alleys, and street parking only: behold Sandy Hill. The neighbourhood has a rough reputation, yet one local woman is spending a month living there voluntarily.

Rachel Ayan left her 3 bedroom house in Old Barrhaven, her husband, and son to live in Sandy Hill for November.

“It’s prostate cancer awareness month,” Ayan explains, “I wanted to raise money for the cause, but I knew that in order to get people to donate, I had to do something unpleasant. I considered running a marathon, but that’s too easy. I was driving through Sandy Hill one day, and it hit me: What’s worse than living here?”

Mrs. Ayan claims that she has trouble sleeping at night due to the sirens and the shouts of drunken pedestrians. In addition, her bike has been stolen twice since she moved into her temporary apartment.

“It’s for a good cause,” she smiles, “I hope I inspire others to raise money in a similar fashion. Someone tweeted at me yesterday that they are going to live in Hull for a week to benefit the homeless.”

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  1. Nothing can be worse than living at Bank & Gloucester.