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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ottawhat #11: Sarah Oppici

Meet Sarah Oppici, a graduate of Health Sciences who is pursuing a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy. Sarah discussed her aspiring career, experience working as a student in government departments, volunteering, and her impressions of her first game experience at the new Lansdowne Park.

The Ottawhat? crew also spent the hour trying to figure out if Sarah is French or English.

You can download the episode directly here.

Blueberry Mead - Trafalgar Ales and Meads
Roger's House

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ottawhat #10: Shea Murphy

Shea Murphy stopped by our studios this week for a chat about work/school part-timing, his growing love of board games, and giving business advice to startups. You'll also find out if he's a cat or dog person.

Feel free to speculate on why Amaan's finger needs a splint this week!

You can download the episode directly here.

Kichesippi 1855 - Kichesippi Brewery
Sons of Pluto

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ottawhat #9: Carl Asuncion

Carl Asuncion stopped by for a hour to chat with us about his world travels, his illustrious (ongoing) academic career, and where he calls home.

Yes, we will probably need a part II with Carl.

You can download the episode directly here.


Phillips Brewery - Amnesiac
Foodland Ontario - https://www.ontario.ca/foodland/foodland-ontario

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ottawhat #7: Peter Grant Mackechnie

Our guest this week was Peter Grant Mackechnie, an Ottawa musician who moved to "The Big Smoke".

Check out this week's episode as we discuss musicals, classical piano, living in Toronto, and spirit animals. Let us know your demon on Twitter @ottawhatpodcast or in a comment below!

You can download the episode directly here.

The "Witty" Traveller - Railway City Brewing Company - St. Thomas, ON